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Type: Original

Language: Persian

Release: 2012-10-09

License: All rights reserved

Music: Mahdyar Aghajani Words: Reveal, Quf, Kool G Rap, Hichkas
[ Verse 1 : Reveal ]
My temper was blazing hot
So you could say I changed a lot from the old me
Ain't forgot what I gained from the block
It just didn't mould me
I'm the same age as an OZ
Gained status as OG
Never been a game its a sport and had my own team
Stayed on the block wid no sleep
Blade tucked in my coat sleeve
Lots changed since then but back in the day was so peak
Whatchu know about the persil bag wid the grams in it?
You never ran the block fam you jus ran in it
You was the youth my mates would send to the store for lucazade
I was the youth who knew the way to get hands on a few grenades
But I was young n foolish then now that I'm older my views have changed
And when I see these moody youths I try move em thru what the music says
Changed mental state and rearranged it
Cause as a younger man I stayed on that deranged shit
To make sure you get the picture I woulda blown you out the frame quick
Left you like a Picasso, swollen eyes and outta place lips

[ Hook ]
I was young and foolish
Young and foolish

[ Verse 2 : Quf ]
باز تویی باز همون روپوش چروک؟؛
انشات کوشش کوچولو؟؛
لابد باز جاش گذاشتی توی اتوبوس
آقا کدوم انشا؟ «علم بهتر است یا پول انسان؟»؛
هه، اینکه دیگه فکر نداره آقای معلم
با مایه می‌شه خرید بابای مهندس
خام بودم، غد و متکبر
اهل خام بودم ولی تپل زدم بِیس
دیگه کل خانواده سالهای ساله سلب امید کردن و اینم داستانه مائه
ولی بازتابش باس برسه به سازمان ملل
به آستان قدس پسر پدر صدا سیما و در و دیوار که انگار…؛
؛…حماقت رو ندیدن
نمیتونن ببینن
ببینن میرینن یا میمیرن ببینن
پس میگیم از تهران تا نیویورک
مثل مرتضی غُرُق!؛

[ Hook ]
I was young and foolish
Young and foolish

[ Verse 3 : Kool G Rap ]
Make no mistake about it dog, G is in it to win it
Low profile limits when im rollin with tendes
Bitches go wild cuz they know I'm holdin the spinach
With the rose gold pennants, ice cold up in it
If this is just the beginning, I'm just getting my feet wet
G4tek shorty’s giving him deep neck
Kiddin on the squeeze sketch die for my respect
If this a warning shot, you ain't see me release yet
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