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Type: Mix

Language: Persian

Record Label: Bia2

Release: 2016-05-06

License: All rights reserved

Enjoy 2016 summer with a flashback Persian DJ mix with all of Moein’s memorable songs mixed by DJ Borhan. Over 43 minute of waybacks from legendary Persian singer Moein. Episode 9 of the 360 show on Bia2 will give you a nostalgic thrill one song after the other.

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Get the best of Moein's music in DJ Borhan's latest Persian DJ mix on Bia2.com. Ahangaye ghadimi e shad as Moein to ye DJ mix irani.

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DJ Borhan All Out Moein Mix tracklist:

Moein – Tannaz
Moein – Paricheh
Moein – Man Az Rah Omadam
Moein – Amon Amon
Moein – Khoneh
Moein – Hamseda
Moein – Zalem
Moein – Amma Nemishe
Moein – Ta Az Dar Omad
Moein – Yade To
Moein – Bigharar
Moein – Kaftar Kakol Be Sar
Moein – Sohbet Bekhair Azizam
Moein – Termeh o Atlas
Moein – Ghasam
Moein – Gozashte
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