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Type: Mix

Language: Persian

Record Label: Bia2

Release: 2019-01-27

License: All rights reserved

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2019 DJ Borhan Persian pop mix from the Bia2.com 360 Show, episode 17 - DJ Borhan All Out Andy Mix.

Stream and download the best of legendary Persian singer Andy Madadian's top hits in a non-stop 40 minute Persian DJ mix.

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2019 Persian music Tracklist:
Andy - Reyhaan
Andy - Pooneh
Andy - Areh Areh
Andy - Sogoli
Andy - Naze Naz
Andy - Khoshgele Mahale
Andy - Yare Sabze
Andy - Gole Bandar
Andy - Hana
Andy - Nagoo Na Nemishe
Andy - Khoshkela Bayad Berakhsand
Andy - Che Khoshkel Shodi
Andy - Dokhtar Irooni
Andy - Parieh Shahreh Ghesseh
Andy - Atish Pareh
Andy - Topoly
Andy - Balla
Andy - Shaytanak
Andy - Aamaneh
Andy - Daram Miram Tehran
Andy - Chi Mishe
Andy - Age Eshghe Hamine
Andy - Yekdoneh Dokhtar

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