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Type: Original

Language: Persian

Release: 2018-01-04

License: All rights reserved

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DJ Borhan 2018 Persian Top Music Mix on the Bia2.com 360 podcast show, episode 13. Enjoy this New Persian Pop and Club DJ mix, with all the hottest and best Iranian songs and remixes.

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2018 Persian Music DJ Mix - JUST ME Tracklist:
Shadmehr Aghili - Ghalbe Man
Sasy - Hame Bada
Hamid Hiraad - Yar
Macan Band - 2 Deyghe Boodi
Mohsen Ebrahimzadeh - Mage Darim
Hojat Ashrafzadeh ft Emad Talebzadeh - Eshghe Delam
Ali Lohrsabi - Binazir
Mohsen Chavoshi - Zendan
Hamed Homayoun - Hesse Asheghi
Morvarid - Khabam Nemibare
Hamed Homayoun - Ashegh Shodam Raft
Mehdi Jahani - Sarmast
Babak Mafi - Mano Bebar
Hamid Hiraad - Shookie Mage
Mehdi Ahmadvand - Eshghe Man
Farzad Farokh - Havaye To (Dynatonix remix)
Puzzle Band - Deldade
Hamid Hiraad - Nimeye Janam
Sami Beigi - Be To Marboot Nist
Barad - Khoshbakhti
Shahab Mozaffari - Delbarito Kamtaresh Kon
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